Frequently Asked Questions | Island Breeze Resort

Frequently Asked Questions

Island Breeze Resort creates a real sense of community, designed only for owner occupiers, with no rentals offered. If you own a villa at Island Breeze Resort, and in future wish to sell, all capital gains will be retained by you the owner, meaning no exit fees. Island Breeze Resort is a gated community and provides security for all of its residents, along with having friendly managers or staff available to you 24 hours, 7 days.

Do I have to be retired to live at the Island Breeze Resort?
No. Island Breeze Resort welcome's anyone over the age of 50. Whether you are retired or working is entirely your own business.

Will I own the villa?

Do I have to pay rates or body corporate fees?
No. The only fee applicable is a weekly site fee to cover the license fee, which in turn allows you to occupy your site.

As a resident, what other expenses will I be responsible for?
Home owners are responsible for public utilities such as telephone and insurance. Also, if fitted, electricity and water meters will also be your responsibility.

How long do site agreements last?
As a resident, you protected by the Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) act 2003. The site agreements are perpetual until termination by the home owner.

Can I claim rent assistance upon purchasing a villa?
If you are currently receiving a government pension you will receive rental assistance. If you are not currently receiving any assistance, we suggest contacting the government to see if you are eligible.

Will I be required to pay extra site fees if I have visitors?
Your license fee covers up to 2 people. However, visitors staying for a period longer than 14 days will be charged $10 per person, per week.

Am I allowed to have pets?
Island Breeze Resort does not allow pets. The Park Owner Policy is that dogs or cats are not allowed to reside on the premises with their owner.

Does Island Breeze Resort have caravan storage facilities?
Island Breeze does not have facilities for caravan or boat storage. There are off-site facilities available which we are happy to provide you with more information.

Can I have alterations made to the villa once I have moved in?
Yes, by all means. Any additions and exterior alterations simply require the written approval of the park owner.

Will I be required to pay for any operating costs for the facilities?
No. Island Breeze Resort pays for all operating costs for the maintenance of the resort. Island Breeze Resort does not have a body corporate, therefor there are no hidden extras. Simply relax and enjoy living with a breeze.

For more information contact our friendly team at Island Breeze on 07 3410 0055, email or visit our contact us page.